Ultrasonic Lipo

The latest fat-loss treatment using ultrasound technology

Ultrasound has now been identified for the effects produced on cellulite and hard fat conditions. As the ultrasound energy agitates the cells helping break up dense areas and remove waste products, it is found to have a marked improvement on the texture of the hard fat and cellulite.

Who wants to go under anesthesia, go through the pain of recovering, and taking 2-3 weeks off work to have the effects of Liposuction? Ultrasonic Fat Reduction is a clinically proven procedure that reduces fat cells using ultrasonic technology. The treatment breaks down fatty tissue without affecting the surrounding body area. Immediately following the treatment, the liquefied fat begins to be removed naturally via the body’s lymphatic and metabolic pathways. The treatments are safe with no adverse effects.

Ultrasonic Lipo treatment uses ultrasound waves delivered in pulses to break down this excess fat. Unlike surgical liposuction there are no incisions with Ultrasonic Lipo. The ultrasound energy which is delivered through the skin’s surface is a painless treatment and you are able to continue your normal activities immediately after treatment with Ultrasonic Lipo.

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